The Pharmaceutical Engineering experience is the result of hard work, research and technical skills that ensure meeting client requirements.

The experience range that has been gained and integrated into our design capabilities in several countries include:

  • Solid Dosage Forms: Tablet, Capsule & Dry Suspension
  • Liquid & Semi Solid Forms
  • Sterile Area: E/D, Injectable
  • Hormones
  • Oncology
  • Soft Gelatin Capsule
  • Cosmetic & Paramedical
  • Hospitals & Clinic
  • Laboratories

PPC Founders have been designing and managing projects prior establishing the firm that range from old Plant Renovation to large Pharmaceutical Plant projects.

Conceptual Design & Project Management of the following Projects :

  • Dar Al Dawa Main Plant, Amman: 9500m2 ( Tablet, Capsule & Dry Suspension)
  • Dar Al Dawa Cephalosporin Plant-Renovation & Upgrading, Amman: 1200m2 ( Tablet, Capsule & Dry Suspension)
  • Dar Al Dawa Penicillin Plant-Renovation & Upgrading, Amman: 800m2 ( Tablet, Capsule & Dry Suspension)
  • Dar Al Dawa General Plant-Renovation & Upgrading, Amman: 1800m2  (Liquid, Semi Solid & Sterile)
  • Dar Al Dawa Laboratories & Micro Biology-Renovation & Upgrading, Amman:600m2
  • Tripoli Factory for Pharmaceutical Industry,Tripoi : 2700m2 ( Liquid, Ointment, Gel, Creams & Suppositories)
  • Al Dar Al Arabia, Algiers: 5900m2 (Liquid, Semi Solid, Tablet, Capsule & Dry Suspension)  

Our team of experts and consultants have worked with and are continuing to deliver project support to many major pharmaceutical clients around the world.