PPC, provides Turn Key solutions including Engineering, Construction, & Consultancy for pharmaceutical, medical- hospital, biotech, laboratories and related industries for new facilities as well as upgrading/renovation of existing facilities.

The services cover a wide range of activities starting from design phase till commissioning and validation including:


  1. Engineering
    1. Conceptual design phase

During conceptual design, PPC uses proprietary processes and collaborative tools to engage the client`s project team and key stakeholders, develop the business case and project delivery roadmap to develop realistic budgets. These processes help identify project risks early in the project life cycle and before major investment has occurred.

  • Client Requirements: Products, Capacities
  • Master Plan: Site Study (Site Plan, Infrastructure, Future Extension…)
  • Pharmaceutical Planning: Room Data Sheet, Loaded Drawing, Clean Room Design, Flow Diagram Plan…
  • Process Engineering: System Design, PID
  • Value Engineering: Project Budget & Time Frame
  1. Tender Documents & Detailed Design
  •  Detailed Design (Mechanical, Electrical & Architectural Plans)
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Technical Specification
  • Machine User requirements (URS)
  1. Supervision & Project Management

Quality Management, Co-ordination, Reporting Budget Monitoring, Preparation of Co-ordination Procedure, Schedule Monitoring, Planning and Programming, Commissioning & Start Up.

  1. Procurement Assistance

Preparation of the qualified Vendor's List, Negotiation Assistance, Tender Analysis and Recommendation.

  1. Construction & Management

Your Global Partner

PPC provides construction, procurement, project management using proven systems.

PPC delivers challenging construction projects globally, that exceeds our clients' expectations with respect to quality of installation, is on schedule and within budget.

PPC's construction resources enable aggressive and cost effective mobilization of labor and enables cultural aspects to be integrated within our project delivery framework.  


  1. Consultancy

The Consultancy Services of PPC support companies in pharmaceutical plants, Hospitals and Food industries to help them comply with quality standards.

PPC has highly experienced consultants who have developed their expertise in a variety of departments such as production, quality, and engineering.

PPC offers the following services: Conceptual design of new industrial facilities as well as upgrading existing facilities, Qualification (installations, HVAC, water, gas, production and analytical equipment), Consultancy & Assistance during tests (FAT, SAT…), Staff Training & Support, consultancy for preparing the Site Master File, auditing of compliance with cGMP standards , consultancy for Validation (computer systems, cleaning, manufacturing processes),  Implementation of Risk Analysis and Ongoing Improvement projects.